Curly hair kits are where it's at!

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We are here to make your life easier, and that's why we created Boss Curl Co! Embrace your natural curls by learning what products and technique to use. There's no ONE miracle, but we believe with our kits you will be the boss of your own curls...say BYE FELICIA to that frizz!

Our kits come to you in a recyclable cardboard box, with all the products and accessories we have trialed and tested together PLUS a video tutorial that you get exclusive access to, and a step by step guide to leave in your bathroom. We also give you a VIP code so that when you run out of product, you can use the code to "top up" your kit and get a discount!

All of our kits are cruelty free and CG approved, they will provide a detox to create a healthier head of hair and curl/wave!

Boss Curl Co. currently have 6 kits on offer so let's get down to the nitty gritty on each kit and what it can do for you!

Boss Curl Co Method Kit
This is an amazing kit for beginners, it's an easy process and it creates fuss free defined curls and helps eliminate a bit of frizz! Because of the lighter products we recommend curls and wavies with fine hair. As far as hair type goes, anyone from 2A- 3B waves and curls will work well with this kit. The process for this kit we have gotten down to about 15-20 minutes! See below for a before and after!

Frizz Off Kit
This is our MECCA KIT! Basically what we mean is, it helps to eliminate frizz ten fold! It creates a beautiful gel cast that you can then scrunch out! We recommend this kit to those who have a little extra time, we have this process down to a nice 30 minutes but it can start out a little longer. We recommend thicker hair for this kit as we use heavier products, however if you have fine hair and a LOT of it, it also works well! 2C - 3B hair will benefit from this kit the most. You will be creating a ringlet and very defined curl. See below for a 3 week process of one of our clients before and afters.

Quickie Curls Kit
OK we get it, curls can be hard too, that's why we have diluted the method and make it quicker and easier with this kit! We find fine hair and some thick hair works well with this process and products. 2A- 3B waves and curls. This kit produces a fuss free easier curl and we give you THREE drying techniques so you can do it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes! See below for our quick curls kit results!

Refresh Kits OG & Mini
Our refresh kits are so great for curls who already have been using our kits and just want to learn how to refresh! Make those curls last 3, 4, 5 times longer with our refresh kit. You won't have to wash your hair every single day for popping curls, this kit will make them last for longer. This mini kit does not include the silk sleep turban. Recommended for waves - curls between 2A - 3B.

Curly Kids Kit
Curly haired children are a whole other ball game, we KNOW what it's like to grow up with curls (and we also know what it's like when our parents don't understand curls). Embracing and loving curls should start here, when our kids are little, and with this kit they CAN learn all about looking after their curls from the get-go. Packed with kid friendly products, we recommend waves - curls 2A - 3B hair types. It's an easy process for parents and kids alike to create a fuss free curl that will last!

We hope you find a kit for yourself, if you have any questions just DM us or email

We do have more kits coming up like the coils and waves kit so stay tuned!



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