The best curly girl method products!

We get it, the Curly Girl Method is confusing and super expensive! We remember when we started looking into it, our minds were blown, plopping, the bowl method, not using heat, no shampooing, no silicones or sulfates, air drying, diffusing on cold for 4 hrs WHAT!? 

It's frustrating to navigate! And that's why we started BOSS CURL CO, to be able to give YOU an easier experience with a "Curl Kit".

Our curl kits are full of "CG APPROVED" products, plus the kicker, you get an actual video tutorial and a step by step guide to follow, which means NO research for you. And trust us when we say we spent MONTHS researching to perfect these methods!!

How do you choose a kit? It's super simple, figure out your hair type below, then choose the kit that works for your hair type! Today we go through the BOSS CURL METHOD KIT, the very first kit we produced!


BOSS CURL METHOD KIT (2a - 3b hair waves - curls)

The Boss Curl Method Kit is a favourite, and maybe we feel that way because it was our first "kit", it's a little nostalgic for us! The kit has been through a lot of changes in the way of products (we test EVERY single product together with the method to make sure it works) HOWEVER the method has stayed the same.

This kit is really great for 2a-3b hair because the products are light and won't hold the hair down, you will still have volume! We suggest this if you have FINE and also not a lot of hair OR if you have FINE hair but A LOT of it, this is for you! This is not necessarily a good kit for people with thick hair. The products are just not heavy enough. BUY BOSS CURL KIT HERE.

  • Light products for thin hair 
  • A quicker process (over the Frizz Off Kit)
  • Fuss free curls
  • A good starting point
  • Good for very damaged hair
  • A detox

BOSS CURL METHOD KIT RESULTS: (Left before BCC, Right after BCC)

YES, this kit will help to keep your curls healthier, it will also help your curls to eventually become curlier! It may not be an overnight sensation but the longer you use the products for and do the method, the better and better your curls become!

If you have trouble figuring out which kit is best for you, we will always reply to our emails or messages, contact us at or send us a DM on instagram or facebook

We hope to see you part of the CURL CLUB soon!

Boss Curl Co Team xx