What is the Best clarifying shampoo for Curly Hair?

Posted by Adelle Cousins on


Well, we are glad you asked! Why should we clarify our hair? Product build up can clog the hair follicles, preventing growth. Clarifying is essential if you use oils, or products that contain oils and butters. In general it’s just good practice to add clarifying to your wash at least once a fortnight.

It’s so hard to know what product is going to work well for curly hair, because ultimately if you are going to use products on your hair and it’s curly, we try to avoid a few things…sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols and parabens. A lot of shampoos out there don’t make the CG approved cut but at Boss Curl Co, all of our BCC range products are approved yay!

The Boss Curl Co Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner gently cleanses your hair, instantly delivering a smoother texture and a cleaner, fresh feeling. Our unique formula ensures the removal of product build up whilst its gentleness allows for continual, everyday application. We personally wash our hair with all of the BCC range, and use the clarifying shampoo & Conditioner every 3rd/4th wash.

Our clarifying shampoo & conditioner is sold separately, in a "Clean up ya act" wash and go pack AND in minis! Check them all out by clicking the links!

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