Curly Hairdressers Australia


They are few and far between, so of course we are asked all the time about Curly Hairdressers! We personally go to Aoki Hair in Perth, however there are a few out there in Australia who are highly recommended. If you notice that a curly specialist is not in this list please let us know we will add them!

If you go to any of these specialists, let us know how you went!

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Western Australia
Aoki Hair
One Hair Salon
Andrea Rose Hair Design
Perth Curls
Danika Durack Curls
Lustre Boutique

New South Wales
Rumbie & Co
Project One Hair
Stevie English Hair
Mousey Browne
Yeah the Curls!
Ginger & Curls

Delilah Hair Studio
Joey Scandizzo Salon
Neel Loves Curls
The Travelling Curls

South Australia
The Curl Collective

Purely Curls
Lunatic Fringe
Black Avenue
Eco Hill Hair
Lila Boheme
Steve Wynder
Rokstar Salonz

Northern Territory
Vanilla Hair Studio
Kabuki Hair Cutters

Wenz Hair
Eye Am Hair

Axis Hair Salon
Fabric Hair Salon