Clarifying Bundle

Clarifying Bundle

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Is build up a problem for you? Are your curls limp and lifeless? Clean up your act with our clarifying bundle. Every now and then, product can stick to your hair, if you don't clarify it will weight your curls down. This bundle does not come with a tutorial, it is simply a wash and go pack.

Included in this bundle is...

  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Clarifying Conditioner
  • 10 Minute Miracle Mask

Shampoo your scalp only, condition your midlengths and ends, then flip your hair over, finger detangle with the conditioner, and rinse out upside down in luke warm - cold water. Then repeat with the 10 minute hair mask. Use once a month, do not over-do clarifying as it can dry your curls out.

Check out the ingredients list of individual products in the Shampoo's & Conditioners section.

CG Approved, Cruelty Free, Manufactured in Australia.