Itchy Scalp Bundle

Itchy Scalp Bundle

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Aint nobody got time for an itchy scalp! This bundle is going to get your scalp feeling a little more relieved and less ANGRY! This bundle is not a curl kit so it is focused on washing and helping your itchy scalp. 

Included in this bundle is...

  • Mint Shampoo
  • Mint Conditioner
  • Scalp Scrubber

Shampoo your scalp only and use the scalp scrubber to really get in there, condition your midlengths and ends, then flip your hair over, finger detangle with the conditioner, and rinse out upside down in luke warm - cold water.

Check out the ingredients list of individual products in the Shampoo's & Conditioners section.

CG Approved, Cruelty Free, Manufactured in Australia.


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