Silk Sleep Turban
Silk Sleep Turban
Silk Sleep Turban
Silk Sleep Turban

Silk Sleep Turban

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"You will be the literal representation of the 💁 emoji"

Whilst a lucky few may be able to arise from their slumber with perfectly tousled waves, the rest of us awaken with frizzy, unruly locks.

(Also who’s kidding? No one who says #WokeUpLikeThis - actually did.)

The problem is all the tossing and turning we do in the night causes flattened curls, split ends and knots. So much for beauty sleep.

The signature silk wrap™ keeps your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. The pure 100% silk inner gently cocoons your locks, protecting them from damage. 

Outside, the soft organic cotton keeps your wrap in place and makes sure it doesn’t sneak out of your apartment before you wake up. 

Still need convincing? You’ll need to wash your hair less frequently and it’ll make your fancy blow dries last longer. 


Get the deets

  • 100% pure 27 momme oh so smooth silk inner
  • Soft and stretchy organic cotton outer
  • Wide elastic for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Comes in CINNAMON (orange)

Size: 57cms relaxed