HOW TO: Diffuse (with minimal frizz)

Curly hair diffusing can make or break a good curl day, we want to make this an easier process for you in just a few steps with head educator & founder of Boss Curl Co, Adelle!

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Purchase the Silicone Diffuser here.

Click play to watch the process. 


  • Hover diffuser your roots first on medium to low heat to avoid frizz
  • Pick up pieces of hair to create volume
  • Lift the curl up (this is called Pixie Diffusing) once roots are dry
  • Don't forget to move your curls around to pull the hair away from the roots

This attachment offers a uniform air distribution that reduces the amount of heat expelled, maximizes the shine and enhances your natural texture.

Perfect for travel! This foldable universal diffuser fits most* hairdryers and is easy to pack into your suitcase, or use at home. We recommend if you want bouncy, more defined and curlier curls, diffusing is the secret!

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