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It's hard to give a review when it is basically a lucky dip/gamble, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed when mine arrived, based off other reviews. I received 2 products that I'm not sure I'll use, and a cheap looking pick comb (different to one on website) which does fall into the "3-4 products or accessories"... but I guess I was thinking you'd either get 3 products or be lucky and get 3 products plus an accessory to make 4, or at least get a sample sachet thrown in. But I guess that's the risk you take!! Once you add shipping it ends up around $45 (and took 1.5 weeks for auspost to get it to me) so I was probably better off just picking something specific to try rather than taking a gamble on the mystery box.

Mystery Pack
Clare Denver

I bought two of the mystery packs and was so excited to find each pack contained different items. And to top it off, these were all items I was eager to try but hadn’t ordered yet. Can’t wait to try them out!

Frizz Off Kit
Frizz Off Kit

I love this kit so much! I finally decided to embrace my curls and literally knew nothing about where to start, what on earth a “curl pattern” was and that hair porosity was a thing. I literally researched curl products for a few weeks before I decided to go with this. I have problematic dermatitis and these products are so gentle on my scalp. I love the instructions provided on how to use each product and the addition of videos that show you everything from start to finish. My hair feels amazing, my curls look better already and the curl club is an awesome group which shows so many amazing success stories. I have no doubt you’ll do well with these products in salons and genuinely wish you every success! I also love supporting an Australian business.

Oh my gosh Krissie thank you so much for this lovely post which has 100% MADE MY DAY <3 I am so glad it has worked so well for you. We are so glad to have you as a customer x

Excellent product

I love this spray as it helps keepsmy curls hydrated and compliments the other products I use.
It is also a great day 2 and 3 pick me up for my hair

Clarifying Shampoo
Cassandra Dawson
Amazing shampoo!

Really great product, happy with the results. My scalp is so fresh and clean!
10/10 will buy again

The end results are wonderful curls 😊the only negative is that it is a very runny consistency which I wasn't expecting.

Thanks for your review Alison! So great to hear you are getting a good outcome with Quick Curls. The consistency is runny so it stays nice and lightweight for most curls. Keep in a cool dry place, or the fridge & shake well before use. We have also been working closely with our manufacturer to make it slightly thicker in the mean time :)

Great product!

I have recently started using this heat protectant spray and it’s amazing! It always leaves my hair feeling great and I know my hair is protected when blow drying and curling my hair.

That's so grea too hear Mel :) heat protectant is a must <3

Rose Water Hair Spritz
Melissa Distefano
Love this product!

I have recently purchased this product and I love it! It smells lovely and keeps my hair hydrated and less frizz since using it daily

Continuous spray bottle.

Perfect, does exactly what it’s suppose to, makes wetting and refreshing hair a lot easier.

Great toning!

Since changing to the curly girl method I’ve struggled to find a CGM approved toner/mask for my partially dyed/sun bleached hair which NEEDS a strong and deep toner. Everything I’ve bought and tried didn’t make any difference at all (a lot of wasted money)
But this toner worked an absolute treat for me. It didn’t dry out my hair (my hair is already very dry due to salt/chlorine and sun)
It toned my hair beautifully, brightened up my blonde ends and took the brassy colour out of my darker blonde/brown pieces.
I’ve already stocked up with an extra two tubs to keep in the cupboard!

Hey Holly - this is exactly why we created the blonde mask so to hear that it works exactly how we want it to is music to our ears. Thanks so much <3

Control Freak Curl Custard
Leesa Carmuciano
Fav BCC product

Love the custard. So good on my thick hair. A great product if you don’t like gel.

Kids Shampoo
Lauren Wellington

Purchased this for my 2 year old daughters hair. It is amazing. In addition with the conditioner and the curlfriend leave in conditioner, it has turned her wild hair into the most beautiful tight little ringlets


Purchased this for my 2 year old daughters hair. It is amazing. It has turned her wild hair into the most beautiful tight little ringlets. Great detangler and the smell is divine.

We are so happy BCC is accentuating her beautiful curls <3

Works like a charm

I cannot believe how well this works on my 2a/2b hair works. Every time I used it, I thought it might be just a good hair day. But the product has defined and held my waves without fail. Will repurpose for sure!

Smells amazing

A lovely lightweight spray to help keep your hair land scalp healthy. I use it to refresh and to set my hair up for styling.


Great conditioner. Smooths out knots and holds the curl like it’s all natural! Absolutely perfect for my daughters cute curls! Thank you BOSS CURL CO! Xo


I use this product on my daughters hair and it takes out the knots easily. Absolutely perfect for her hair.

Best curl product ever!

I love using this to style my curls, I achieve amazing frizz free ringlets! I get a lot of compliments too!

Hands down THE best

You cannot go past this - I fine dry curly hair and this is the ONLY product that tames my mane and keeps it hydrated. Trust me - I've tried everything else!!!!

Quickie Curls Kit
Bianca Brisset
Why did I wait so long?

I have been following you for so long and always wanted the purchase a kit for my hair. I finally made the leap and could not be happier. My curls have come back to life, more bounce, look healthier and just look the best they have been in years. Thank you so much, I can't wait to try more products.


The Slip
Zip no more

I love the satin pillow slip. I don’t wake up with a frizzy lion mane fro. However, after owning the slip for 6 months the zipper has busted and now the only way to get it off my pillow is to cut it off with scissors :(

We are so sorry for this Annabel and have since spoken to you to replace your slip. We have also discontinued all zipper slips with envelope slips to make this easier for all! :)


I love this for convenient and quick waves. A few sprays and some scrunching on freshly washed hair and my hair looks beautiful again. Also works well on my daughter who has fine curly hair and doesn’t leave much of a gel cast. Thanks boss curl! 😊

Frizz Off Kit
Laura Walton
The best products I’ve ever bought for my curls!

If you’d have told me that after the first use my curls would be transformed I wouldn’t have believed you but it’s true! After the first wash and condition and then using the leave in conditioner and gel to style I was amazed at the difference. I can’t recommend more highly!

The best hair mask ever!

As someone who regularly bleaches their hair, this mask helps to keep my hair super nourished and moisturised! Will never use any other hair mask again!

Rose Water Hair Spritz
Miranda Nunn-Parker

I use this on my scalp when I don't wash my hair in order to prevent itchiness and it does a fantastic job :)