About Us

Hey! I'm Adelle, founder and head educator at Boss Curl Co. I started Boss Curl Co. and the #BossCurlMethod because I was like you too...I thought I had frizzy crazy curls that were uncontrollable, I used an ACTUAL iron (and lots of hair straighteners) on my hair in the 90's, and I was forever teased for the frizz growing up.
But it turns out, I just had no idea what products to use, or how to use them! It took a LONG time to figure that out, so I decided to use all my knowledge and create Boss Curl Co CURL KITS. YEARS went into our kits and products, and it took me 20+ years to appreciate and embrace my curls.
This means, you can cut out all the time and money of researching and trying hundreds of products, because our curl kits do ALL of that for you! They help you to fight frizz, hydrate your hair and you also LEARN how to look after your curls! Our kits come with CG approved products, a guide AND a video tutorial!
We specialise in "CG approved products" (Curly Girl - but we welcome all genders here) for waves, curls and some coils! We give you a less strict, confusing routine over other methods and we are here to show you that there IS another alternative!
Now, 2021, we sell a range of curl kits for different curl types, and we have specifically chosen what ingredients, consistencies, reasons and scents go into each product. Every product, I have been behind, so with the BCC brand & our manufacturers, we create the PERFECT products for most curls.

Cruelty Free & Aussie Manufactured.


We made sure all our kits had cruelty free products. Most of the products in the kits are vegan, some are vegetarian but ALL ARE CRUELTY FREE. Our products are also free from sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols (some alcohols are OK) and silicones!


Our kits give you the tools and the method to help with growth, health and of course definition in your curls. We equip you with the product and tools (all CG approved), a video tutorial, the step by step guide and a discount code to top up your kits! Head to our instagram page @bosscurl.co where we upload video's and tips all the time!