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New around here? Not sure which kit or products works for you? Take the Boss Curl Quiz to get our personalised suggestions for your hair type! You may get multiple results, that's OK it just means your hair type can take a few different type of kits and/or products.

Need extra help? Email us hello@bosscurlco.com with photos of your natural hair, make sure you give us details on your hair - is it thick, fine, do you have a lot of hair, not much hair etc.

You can find out your hair type 


1. Get a haircut, get rid of any split ends and excess dead ends
2. Quit bleaching, use a more natural source of colouring, OR ask your hairdresser about using olaplex if you are going blonde (blonde hair can be some of the most damaged hair out there) Blonde hair (especially bottle blondes) will have a hard time being able to penetrate the hair with moisture. 
3. Buy a kit! (YAS KWEEN GO YOU!)
4. Go through the video tutorial, read the step by step, and start using your kit.
5. Take a BEFORE photo
6. MAKE SURE you deep condition a little more than recommended if you have extremely damaged hair
7. You can still apply heat to your hair - we are not super strict CGM here, we still use some heat, we occasionally straighten AND we still shampoo our roots! 
8. Contact us if you have questions :)