How do I choose a kit?
We know it's difficult that's why we have a CURL KIT QUIZ ready to go so you can find out what works best for you. DO THE CURL KIT QUIZ HERE. If multiple kits pop up, that's OK, it just means your hair type will work for a few different kits. If you would like extra help email hello@bosscurlco.com with a photo of your natural hair, let us know a bit about your hair too eg: is it thick, thin, do you have a lot of hair or not much etc.

What should I do to start the Boss Curl methods?
1. Get a haircut, get rid of any split ends and excess dead ends
2. Quit bleaching, use a more natural source of colouring, OR ask your hairdresser about using olaplex if you are going blonde (blonde hair can be some of the most damaged hair out there) Blonde hair (especially bottle blondes) will have a hard time being able to penetrate the hair with moisture, but it can happen, healthily with BCC. 
3. Buy a kit! (YAS GO YOU!)
4. Go through the video tutorial, read the step by step, and start using your kit.
5. Take a BEFORE photo
6. MAKE SURE you deep condition a little more than recommended if you have extremely damaged hair
7. You can still apply heat to your hair - we are not super strict CGM here, we still use some heat, we occasionally straighten AND we still shampoo our roots! 
8. Contact us if you have questions :) 

    Are the kits and products CG approved?
    YES! Our products are free from sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols (some alcohols are OK) and silicones!

    Can I swap out products in the kits?
    We are unable to do this, each kit is priced up for each specific product inside PLUS each kit is designed specifically for each, so we do not swap out products.

    Do you have products for children?
    Yes! We have a range of children's products AND a Curly Kids Kit!

    A product I want is out of stock!
    You can be the first to know when it's back in stock, just click "notify me when back in stock" add your email and we will notify you when it's back so you are first in!

    Are your products cruelty free?
    Yes, absolutely! We made sure all our kits had cruelty free products! Most of the products in the kits are VEGAN, some are VEGETARIAN but ALL are Cruelty Free.

    Can I straighten my hair?
    Look, we're not going to tell you what to do, your hair is your hair! It is your choice. If you're a little bit of a rebel like us, we sometimes straighten and apply heat (We have a heat protectant spray!), we also shampoo our hair, unlike the CGM. In saying this, if you are going to use a lot of heat, then you need to protect against it. 

    Do you do afterpay?
    Yes! We have AfterPay! When you purchase from us, you will be given the option of "AfterPay" at checkout. YAY!

    Tell me about postage?
    We send through Australia Post, all packages (minus PO Box's & Parcel Lockers) have signature on arrival, we have a flat rate shipping charge for all orders.

    How long does shipping take?
    We package within 1-4 days of receiving your order, shipping regularly takes 5 working days but can take up to 10 days depending where you live. We ship from Perth, WA - during COVID-19 shipping can take longer. We ship with Australia Post.

    I forgot to pick up my parcel, what do I do?
    If your parcel was not picked up on time at the Post Office, it WILL be sent back to us. In this case, when we receive it, we are charged the shipping cost of coming back to us. We are then charged the shipping cost of sending back to you again. In this case, we invoice you for both extra shipping charges, once this is paid, we will release the parcel to you.

    Can I buy or have the tutorial and not buy a kit?
    Stay tuned, we are working on mini tutorials for everyone to enjoy and use alongside the Boss Curl Co products!

    Do you ship outside of Australia?
    Not yet, COVID-19 has made things difficult! NZ coming soon! Then Europe.

    My hair is wavy will this be OK for wavy hair too?
    Yes! The kits help to train your hair to be curlier! We have a WAVY KIT also so this may suit your hair better! Purchase here.

    My hair is SO damaged, will the kit save my hair?
    We can't always guarantee that, it can take some time to repair damage. If you have very damaged hair, you may need a cut to get rid of split ends, we recommend speaking to a hairdresser, preferably a hairdresser that cuts curls. Look for a devacut specialist or a curly cutter who cuts on dry hair. These kits are like a DETOX from all the products you were using before. This means it WILL get better over time, be patient, damaged hair takes time to get better.

    Do you have samples?
    Our sample range is COMING SOON!

    How do you cut your hair?
    Start looking for a devacut specialist, they cut the hair dry and for a curly girl this is necessity as we all have different curl patterns! Or a dry cut if you cannot afford a devacut.

    Do you follow the Curly Girl Method?
    We use our OWN method #BossCurlMethod, and are not as strict as the Curly Girl Method, we do what we feel comfortable with, however ALL our kits have Curly Girl Approved products. We call it CG approved as we like to include all genders and non-genders.

    The method is not working for me?
    This rarely happens BUT if it does it is because EVERYBODY'S hair is different or you may need to be patient. We suggest trying more or less product, try air drying instead of diffusing, tailor the method to suit your needs (and time) also. Plus don't forget that damaged or overly bleached hair WILL take some time to recover. You may have very porous hair due to over bleaching or colouring. 

    Is this safe for coloured hair?
    All our products are sulfate, paraben, drying alcohol and silicone free...so it will not strip your colour! However our Clarifying shampoo & conditioner & Dandruff shampoos & conditioners can strip the colour of your hair a little, just use it less.



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