What's the difference between the kits?
Curly Girl Beginner Kit (Product, Tutorial & Discount)

  • Light products for thin hair

  • Great for 2a - 3b type hair (waves - curls)

  • A quicker process (over the Frizz Off Kit)

  • Fuss free curls

  • A good starting point 

  • Good for very damaged hair

  • A detox

Frizz Off Kit (Product, Tutorial & Discount)

  • Heavier products to cut out the frizz

  • Great for 2c - 3b type hair (curly)

  • Longer process (but not that much longer)

  • A more frizz free, defined, ringlet curl

  • A detox

Are the kits curly girl approved?
YES! We use an app to ensure all products are inserted and get the tick of approval! No sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols (some alcohols are OK) and silicones!

Are the kits cruelty free?
Yes, absolutely! We made sure all our kits had cruelty free products! Most of the products in the kits are VEGAN, some are VEGETARIAN but ALL are Cruelty Free.

Can I straighten my hair?
Look, we're not going to tell you what to do, your hair is your hair! If you are following the 100% CGM then this is your choice. However if you're a little bit of a rebel like us, we sometimes straighten and apply heat, we also shampoo our hair OMG! In saying this, if you are going to use a lot of heat, then you need to protect against it. So you may have to use a NON CG Approved heat protector with SILICONES in it to protect your hair against harsh heat.

Do you do after pay?
Yes! We have AfterPay! When you purchase from us, you will be given the option of "AfterPay" at checkout. YAY!

Do you ship outside of Australia?
Not yet, but we plan to ship to NZ soon!

My hair is wavy will this be OK for wavy hair too?
Yes! The kits help to train your hair to be curlier! Keep an eye out for our Wavy Kit in 2020!

My hair is SO damaged, will the kit save my hair?
We can't always guarantee that, we do however recommend a haircut before using the kit, just to get rid of the split ends. These kits are like a DETOX from all the products you were using before.

How do you cut your hair?
Start looking for a devacut specialist, they cut the hair dry and for a curly girl this is necessity as we all have different curl patterns!

Do you follow the Curly Girl Method?
We use our OWN method, we are not strict Curly Girl Method, we do what we feel comfortable with, however ALL our kits have Curly Girl Approved products.

The method is not working for me?
OK, this rarely happens BUT if it does it is because EVERYBODY'S hair is different. We suggest trying more or less product, try air drying instead of diffusing, tailor the method to suit your needs (and time) also.

Why can't I open the videos?
The videos on our website are password protected for curls who have purchased the kits!

Will you be releasing more kits?
Absolutely! We are continuing to come up with NEW kits and routines all the time, we currently have 3 kits, with the idea to release 3 more kits in the first half of 2020!


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