Curly Kids Kit
Curly Kids Kit
Curly Kids Kit

Curly Kids Kit

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Curly haired children are a whole other ball game, we KNOW what it's like to grow up with curls (and we also know what it's like when our parents don't understand curls). Embracing and loving curls should start here, when our kids are little, and with this kit they CAN learn all about looking after their curls from the get-go. Not like some of us 80's babies who only just figured it out at 30+!

The Curly Kids method has been trialed and tested on children using all the products we stock, however you will receive this kit with in a beautiful box with our entire step by step method and tutorial to maintain amazing curls!

  • Curly Girl Approved
  • Light products for thin hair Great for 2a - 3b type hair (waves - curls)
  • An easy process for parents and kids alike
  • Fuss free curls
  • Kid friendly products

Don't know what hair type you have? Read here.

This kit is 100% curly girl approved! (All ingredients are on individual products on the website)

What's in the kit?

  • 1 x Shampoo
  • 1 x Conditioner
  • 1 x Small Microfibre Hair Wrap
  • 1 x Leave in conditioner spray
  • 1 x Flaxseed Styling Gel
  • Video tutorial & step by step guide

What else do you need?
If you want maximum volume and curl, we suggest a diffuser, you can purchase one of those here. We do recommend air drying children,s hair however.

*NB: Due to our suppliers running out of stock, we sometimes give alternative options for products, these options will be Curly Girl Approved and very similar to the previous item*