Autumn Curls: Essential Care Tips for the Season

As autumn arrives, it's time to adjust your curly hair care routine to combat the challenges brought by cooler temperatures. Follow these succinct tips to keep your curls healthy and vibrant during the seasonal transition.

  1. Hydration is Crucial: Combat the dry air by incorporating richer, more penetrating masks like our 10 minute treat yourself mask. We also recommend turning our your shower cap inside out and letting that mask bake for the full 10 minutes.

  2. Adapt Your Wash Routine: Stretch the time between washes and opt for strengthening shampoos & conditioners to help combat the frizz and strengthen over the colder months. 

  3. Seal in Moisture: After applying leave-in conditioner, and sealing with an oil on the ends will hold in moisture and protect your curls from cooler, drier weather.

  4. Avoid leaving the house with wet hair: Leaving the house with wet hair not only creates excess frizz it will also take longer to dry your hair, we want to keep your hair dryer for longer, wet hair can cause breakage, weak curl pattern and sometimes fungal/flaky scalp issues.

  5. Minimize Heat Styling: Reduce heat styling during autumn to prevent dryness and breakage. If necessary, use a heat protectant to minimize damage.

  6. Nurture from the Inside Out: Maintain a balanced diet rich in hair-boosting nutrients, such as biotin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Stay hydrated for overall hair health.

With a few adjustments, your curls can thrive during the autumn season. Embrace the change by providing your hair with extra care, and watch as your curls remain vibrant and healthy.

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