How to: GROW your curls!

Do you dream of long, luscious curls that flow with vitality and bounce? Growing and maintaining healthy curls can be a journey, but it's one that's worth every step. Enter the Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle, a specially curated collection of products designed to help you nurture and grow your curls to their fullest potential. In this short blog post, we'll explore how this fantastic bundle can become your secret weapon for achieving the curls you've always wanted.

Understanding the Curly Hair Growth Journey

Before we delve into the power of the Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle, it's essential to understand the unique challenges faced by those with curly hair when it comes to growth. Curly hair can be more prone to breakage due to its delicate structure and dryness. Additionally, shrinkage often gives the illusion of slower growth, making it crucial to care for your curls from root to tip.

The Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle

The Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle is your comprehensive solution for promoting healthy hair growth while maintaining the beauty of your curls. This bundle includes a range of products that work together to support your curl growth goals:

  1. Strong Strands Shampoo: it gently cleanses your hair whilst enhancing strength and elasticity. The unique formula is tailored to protect hair follicles against breakage and split ends.

  2. Strong Strands Conditioner: works well for dehydrated and damaged hair leaving it silky and easy to groom. The unique formula adapts to prevent hair from breakage whilst brushing or heat based styling.

  3. Clean Curls Shampoo: using the clean curls shampoo every 2-3 weeks helps to cleanse your scalp and get rid of product build up leaving your scalp healthier and cleaner. Healthy curls = growing curls!

  4. Treat Yourself 10 minute mask: this mask helps by providing deep conditioning and nourishing, which can improve hair health and reduce breakage, ultimately supporting longer, stronger hair.

Growing Your Curls with the Boss Curl Co Bundle

Now, let's walk through the steps to nurture and grow your curls using the Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle:

Step 1: We recommend regularly getting a trim to get rid of any split ends. 

Step 2: Washing your hair every 4-7 days ensures you are letting your natural oils work on your scalp. Shampoo your scalp only, avoiding your ends which will dry out if shampoo'd too often. Rinse out using Luke warm - cold water.

Step 3: Condition your midlengths and ends, massage in and scrunch which will deploy penetrate the hair shaft. Then flip your hair over, finger detangle with the conditioner, and rinse out upside down in luke warm - cold water.

Step 4: Every 2nd or 3rd wash, use the Hair Mask instead of the conditioner. Apply to mid lengths - ends, scrunch in, wrap up in a hair towel and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse out the same is your conditioner.

Step 5: Use the clarifying shampoo instead of the Strong shampoo every 3 weeks to help with product build up. Shampoo the same as the Strong Shampoo step.

Consistency is Key: To see significant results, consistency is essential. Incorporate this haircare routine into your wash day regimen for the best outcomes.

With the Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle, your journey to growing and maintaining healthy curls has never been more accessible. This thoughtfully curated collection of products offers everything you need to nurture your curls from root to tip and promote their growth.

Say hello to longer, stronger, and more vibrant curls that you can't help but love. Embrace your natural beauty and let your curls flourish with the Boss Curl Co Grow Me Bundle. Your hair will thank you for it!

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