Our natural textured 2024 cut & colour forecast trends

As we step into 2024, the world of hair fashion is witnessing a delightful resurgence of natural beauty, with curly hair taking center stage. Gone are the days of straightening irons and chemical treatments; the era of embracing and enhancing natural curls has arrived. In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting curly hair forecast trends for 2024, celebrating the diversity of textures and styles that make each curly mane unique.

1. Longer Layered waves & curls
Those long layers that give you volume are going to be huge for 2024, the more layers the better! This works best on 2a - 3c waves and curls. But it's definitely going somewhere for those wavy 2b & 2c owners!

2. Messy bob's with bangs
Bangs, did they ever go out? The duo cut of a layered bob with bangs is set to be the new look in curls for 2024, working best on 3a-4c curls.

3. The bigger the better - volume is in!
Was it ever out? Probably not. But we predict more volume and way more fluffing - mostly for the 3a - 4c hair owners, but if you have waves and you can get that volume - then get it curlfriend!

4. Messy - lived in - curls (yep , some frizz for volume!)
The messier the better - it's called bed hair and it calls for less refreshing! Again this works for all wave, curl and coil types, if you want to help the frizz a little, we recommend glazing a gel across the top in the morning.

5. Summer bRonde/caramel blonde colours & light chestnut/copper tones
Those WARMER tones are coming through for 2024, lighter copper and chestnut tones and the summer bronde, caramel colours, the caramel and bronde colours are actually quite popular as a natural colour, so if you are wanting to go back to your natural colour, now is the time to balayage and grow it out!

6. Grey is the new black!
We have been advocating the grey beauties for years now, when wanting to grow your greys out, we recommend speaking to your hairdresser to start a gradual grow out - they can add highlights to help blend. Grey hairs do not mean old, there's been such a stigma around grey hair and we want to stop it right here! 

The curly hair forecast for 2024 is all about embracing authenticity, celebrating diversity, and showcasing the natural beauty of curls in all their forms. From confident, natural textures to a vibrant palette of colors and a focus on nourishing ingredients, the curly hair community is at the forefront of a transformative and inclusive movement. So, whether your curls are loose and carefree or tight and defined, 2024 is the year to let them shine!

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