Protein Vs Moisture - what do you need?

We strive for well-balanced curls, and these tips by Sarah will absolutely help you to determine if you need extra protein or moisture in your hair AND bonus, what products you might need!

Curly hair needs protein, and it needs hydration, but how do we balance this?

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Why protein and moisture is important for curly hair

You need a strong protein structure in order for water molecules to bind with your strands and to keep the water locked inside.

For curly hair, moisture is key to keeping it healthy. This means you’ll need to make sure your curls are also getting enough protein for your hair to hold onto all that moisture. But you also have to remember that curly hair is more susceptible to breakage than other hair types. 

How do you know if your hair needs protein or moisture?

Finding a good moisture vs protein balance is not so simple – it depends on your curl type, hair porosity and styling routine. But once you get to know your hair and its needs, you’ll be able to tell when to add or cut back on moisture and protein.

A simple test you can do to see if your hair is lacking in protein or moisture is by stretching a strand of your hair down towards the ground and seeing how far it extends before breaking.

Balanced hair: the strand stretches a little then bounces back to its original length without breaking.

Too much protein and not enough moisture: the strand stretches more than usual then breaks, feels dry, stiff and brittle.

Too much moisture and not enough protein: the strand keeps stretching without breaking, feels weak, mushy and limp.

Too much protein? 

Overuse can lead to a build up of protein on your hair cuticle, which can weaken the hair shaft as it makes your hair heavier. This can lead to split ends and brittle, breakage-prone hair,

If you think your hair has too much protein, try cutting back on or removing any products that contain protein and add in extra hydration-boosting products like the Boss Curl Co Hydrate Range, and our 10 minute mask & leave in conditioners. If after a few weeks your hair feels softer and looks healthier, then you’ve probably just recovered from protein overload. You could also try using our clarifying shampoo to clear away any protein product buildup. 

How can you add protein to your hair routine?

To make sure you’re getting enough protein without the risk of overloading, use products with light protein more regularly to reinforce the strength of your strands (once a week or less) such as the Plump it up Protein Shot or our Volume Range. Always remember to follow up intense protein products with a deep conditioner to boost moisture and prevent your hair from becoming brittle.


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