What porosity are my curls?!

Knowing your porosity can really change the health of your curls. Did you know that curl porosity can make or break the way your curls sit? 

Sarah gives you an in depth look into finding out your porosity and also tips on how to work it in your favour.

She also shows you products that could work for you within the Boss Curl Co range including Curly Shampoo's, Conditioners, Hair Treatments, Leave in Conditioner and Gels!


How can I find out what porosity my curls are?

  • The Float Test: 
    • Take some strands of hair from your brush or comb (be sure to use clean hair as products can alter the results) and drop them into a glass of water
    • Let them sit for a few minutes, and if the strands float after the time is up, you likely have low porosity hair. If it sinks, the hair is likely to be high porosity
    • If the hair floats somewhere in the middle of the glass, this would indicate medium porosity hair.
  • The Spray Bottle Test: 
    • Take a small section of your hair and mist it with some water from a spray bottle.
    • Watch closely, if the water beads up on the hair, it is low porosity
    • If the water absorbs quickly, the hair is high porosity
    • If you notice the water sitting on the hair for a couple minutes before absorbing in, the hair is medium porosity

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