About us

Hey Curlfriends, Adelle here! I hated my curly hair ever since I can remember. There were many tears growing up with my Mum trying to brush my unruly mane. As a teen, I spent HOURS straightening my curls (cue the "ACTUAL" iron in the 90s and countless straightening heat devices). Even my adult years I would waste at least 1-2 hrs with my GHD. 

I have always struggled to find the right products and tools to work with my frizz, and ultimately, I made them WORSE! I found the Curly Girl Method, became so overwhelming with all the products and techniques that I thought to myself "someone needs to make a kit to help the curlies". And so with that...Boss Curl Co. was created.

We spent MONTHS trialing and testing all the products and coming up with our own techniques and methods that work. We are here to help you save time and money while embracing your curls!! 

These kits give you the tools and the method to create fuss free, healthy curls. Plus a place to buy curly hair products in Australia! We equip you with the product and tools (all CG approved), a video tutorial, the step by step guide AND a discount code to top up your kits.

By the way...the real boss AKA "Lawlee the Sausage" watches over every single package that leaves the premises, so we believe in cruelty free products because nobody wants to put product in their hair that has harmed a little furry friend.


This is my before and after...we guarantee these kits will help with the overall health of your hair and curls. MOST of our clients see a difference in their hair immediately, however if you have been bleaching, colouring, straightening or using products to strip your hair...your hair MAY be damaged.

We recommend the following before you try out a kit...

1. Get a haircut, get rid of any split ends and excess dead ends
2. Quit bleaching, use a more natural source of colouring, OR ask your hairdresser about using olaplex if you are going blonde (blonde hair can be some of the most damaged hair out there) Blonde hair (especially bottle blondes) will have a hard time being able to penetrate the hair with moisture. 
3. Buy a kit! (YAS KWEEN GO YOU!)
4. Go through the video tutorial, read the step by step, and start using your kit.
5. Take a BEFORE photo
6. MAKE SURE you deep condition a little more than recommended if you have extremely damaged hair
7. You can still apply heat to your hair - we are not super strict CGM gals here, we still use some heat, we occasionally straighten AND we still shampoo our roots! 
8. Contact us if you have questions :) 

Want to know some of my tips and tricks?

Head to my instagram page @bosscurl.co where we upload video's and tips all the time!