5 of the best curly hair hacks!

We know curls and waves, so we wanted to give you years of knowledge in 1 packaged blog post so you are up to date with our latest curl hacks! These 5 hacks are things we do in our regular every day life, they are going to help your curls in the long run so strap your curls in, let's go...

1. Detangle before you shampoo & condition
This is going to not only save you time when conditioning, but you will be working with hair that is at it's strongest so there will be less breakage. Be sure to start from the ends and gently detangle up. Here's our favourite detangler.

2. Leave in Conditioner hack
If you have super thick hair, this hack is brilliant to keep that hydration in. If you have fine curls, skip this one! Fill your mist bottle with water and a little of our Curl's Best Friend leave in conditioner, shake shake shake, and when you refresh in the morning, you are injecting even more hydration into your hair!

3. Extra Volume
Use our claw clip at your roots while it is drying to add extra volume, then use our pick to fluff the roots when your hair is dry, add in High & Dry for EXTRA body!

4. Deep condition BEFORE shampooing
Oh this one is controversial, BUT I have been trialling this lately and it's working well. Dampen your hair first then use our 10 minute mask on the mid lengths to ends, wrap up in our hair towel & let sit for the full 10 minutes. Then shower, dip your hair under the water and shampoo your roots only, then rinse everything out. 

5. Brush curl the top only
If you really want that epic volume, we have been only brush coiling the top of our head and it has been a game-changer! While styling, take the top third of your hair and put it in a clip. Apply your product to the bottom 2 thirds, rake through and scrunch. Then brush coil in sections the top third to create some definition. Once dry, scrunch out the crunch and pull apart those ringlets for extra volume on top too.


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