Naturally Curly New Year's Eve hair Inspo!

Natural curls SCREAM New Years Eve - they're big, they're bright, they're here!! If you are reaching for the hot tool STOP, because we have SO many idea's for you to embrace your curls for New Years Eve. 2023 is your natural texture year boo!

Wednesday Plaits
If you are running out of time, plait that hair and throw in some gems! The sparkle is going to give you NYE23 vibe without the hassle!

Got Clip?
Slick that hair into a low pony, use a little gel and a mascara spooly OR spray on the Flex Zone gel for a nice flyaway fix, then grab ALL your clips and layer layer layer. Another quick & simple move to get you out the door!

Embellish the night away!
Style your curls then gently pull them into a low pony, add your favourite clips OR find some fun bits and pieces around the house. You could even raid the craft draw, fake flowers are perfect for this!

Easy Braids
They may not look easy but all you need to do is 2 front plaits (instead of braids), then pull them back into a high bun. They will 100% look like braids but they're the cheats way out! Don't forget to use your gel and mascara spooly to push forward those baby hairs. Simple & sassy.

Glitter Braids
Hair Gel + Chunky Glitter = New Years Eve 2023! Just simply braid the front to sections of your hair (or do our plait trick above) and pull half your hair back into 2 messy buns. Use a makeup brush to layer hair gel down your part, then either sprinkle or use the same makeup brush to apply the glitter.

Hair Gems & Buns
Get that bun as high as you can then gem all over! The messier the better for added glam!

12 O'clock Curls
When they say LET YOUR HAIR DOWN - listen! Let it go wild like a lion, add 2 loose space buns if you feel like it, but honestly, if you want to be on trend for day 1 of 2023 - let your curls flow boo!

Whether you're going all out, staying in or simply having a sunset dinner with friends - let your curls out. We guarantee, the less time you spend on your hair with these simple styles - is just added time to spend with your loved ones.

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