Don’t Panic: Our Tips That Help Fix Over-Processed Bleached Hair

Don't shave your head just yet, don't get us wrong, we do LOVE a good pixie cut or shaved scalp BUT if it's not what you want, we definitely have some tips to help you through this stage! So, before you take drastic measures, read this post for a little more clarity into your hair.

If there's one thing I know, it's over-processed hair, I had Gwen Stefani Platinum Blonde hair for more than half my life and dealt with snapping hair, dehydrated curls, limp hair and more, so let's break it down and go through what you can do.

    Firstly, there is NO quick fix...nothing can actually repair your hair when it is in this state. You can make it more hydrated but when it comes to "repairing" your severely damaged hair, curl-friend, I am sorry, but there's no fix!
    Ditch all those products that are full of sulphates & drying alcohols firstly, sulphates and alcohol DRY out your hair, so it's actually making it WORSE. Secondly, silicones, what silicones do is put a coating on your hair, this will BLOCK your strands from any hydration.
    Like we said, there is no quick fix, this process takes time, STOP bleaching, or if you do want to continue, find a hairdresser who is a blonde expert. They need to look at what your hair needs, this may mean a darker blonde, and using something like Olaplex in the process.
    Trimming your damaged ends regularly (every 6-8 weeks) is going to start a good routine for your hair. I know you don't want it shorter but honestly, this is going to help you in the long run. Split ends work their way up the shaft and snap off - causing your hair to be even shorter. If you keep them at bay with regular trims, your hair will grow.
    Sorry to say it, if you are an avid blow dryer, hair straightener and hot tool user, now is the time to ditch it all and go natural. Adding heat will just make things continuously worse - TRUST US!!!!
    Washing your hair, again, dries it out, let your scalp do what it's meant to do, let those natural oils products and try to last at LEAST 4 days in between washes. Some people get oilier scalps, but did you know washing your hair more often CAUSES the excess oil build up? So less washing = healthier hair!

What Products do we recommend?

    • WASH: Start with a hydrating shampoo & conditioner that is CG approved, this means it will have no sulphates, drying alcohols and silicones - remember these 3 things make your damaged hair worse. Our hydrate range is SPECIFICALLY for over-processed curls!
    • TREAT: Use a mask/treatment every 2nd wash, and leave it to sit for the full 10 minutes. Our 10 minute mask will deeply penetrate your hair, it's absolutely going to help with the structure.
    • BALANCE: You need a balance of hydration & protein, PROTEIN will help restore hair's elasticity, which eliminates breakage & split ends - sounds like what you need right? Our PROTEIN SHOT mask can be added after conditioning every 6th wash, try not to use too often as too much will make your hair brittle.
    • STYLE: Leave in conditioner can be used every single day, especially when it's a lightweight spray like our Curlfriend Leave In, spray liberally every single day, when wet, when dry, all over, keep going, it's going to help! Or if you have thicker hair, our Curl's Best Friend leave in cream is an amazing alternative.

Hair is a delicate subject, it's our crown! Look after it as much as possible, embrace your curls where you can and ditch anything that is going to cause even more damage. GOOD LUCK!!!

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