The best products for summer curls!

Humidity, sweat & heat, all things that kinda kill our curly-hair vibe. Unless of course, you are a humidity lover (I personally love how big my hair gets in humid weather) ALAS...most of you prefer to tame your frizz! I am here to give you our TOP PICKS for Summer-Curls!

HOT CURL SUMMER - Humidity Cream

Firstly, the piece de resistance our HOT CURL SUMMER our humidity cream is 100% needed for humid weather & summer. It's a runny cream that has great slip, it's also lightweight which means you can build on it. Simply rake through freshly washed wet hair. Then add your styler over top. It's an amazing leave in that really fights the frizz.

NO SWEAT - Root Refresh Spray

No matter how hard you try, sweat is inevitable not just when working out but when you're in the sun throughout summer, you WILL get a little Sweaty Betty. It's a deodorant for your hair basically but also refresh's your scalp leaving it feeling refreshed. Use straight after a workout OR when you're sweaty. 

CURLFRIEND - Leave in Spray

Hydration is key in the summer months, and our Curlfriend Leave in Conditioner Spray is an absolute must. Use LOADS of it, because it's so lightweight it will never weigh your hair down. We recommend using it every day, on wash days, as well as refreshing. It's also a great addition to your beach bag, after you use the pool or swim at the beach, simply rinse your hair with cold water and spray throughout your hair for the best hydration secret ever!

CLARIFYING - Shampoo & Conditioner

After using the pool or going for a swim t the beach, your hair will be gasping for a good cleanse. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to help refresh your curls and bring them back after salt water or chlorine hits it. If there's one piece of advice to take away from this's this!!

Oh and don't forget to use our 10 minute treatment at least every 2 weeks, your thirsty curls will be screaming for it!

So keep those curls intact & protected this summer with our top recommendations - you will thank me later :)




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