7 top tips for protecting your natural curls when using hot tools

The beauty about having natural curls is simply - many hairstyles just add water! One day you can have tight curls, next wash could be natural stretched out waves, then those days you are wanting a more controlled wave, curl or straight the option is all available to us curl-friends! We are so lucky!

Boss Curl Co. is all about variety, the strict lifestyle of the Curly Girl Method means NO heat, NO hot tools, NO brushing but, for those special occasions we don't deny we break the rules. Some days we just want straight hair or to put a waver tool through our hair and THAT IS OK - because it's your hair, your rules!

So, I am here to give you some hacks on protecting your natural texture.

1. First and foremost, if you are already using Boss Curl Co. products well done, because your hair will already be benefiting in healthy texture. 

2. Use our 10 minute mask to deeply penetrate your curls BEFORE using heat

3. Let your hair dry in our hair wrap for a good 15 minutes before applying heat

4. Protect those curls with our heat wave protectant apply on your damp hair generously

5. We recommend letting your hair air dry for a while before applying heat, then adding a little more heat wave to each section when using your desired heat tool

6. Add half a pump of our SOTC hair oil to your dry styled hair to seal the ends and further protect it

7. When you wash your hair again after using hot tools we recommend using our clarifying shampoo, our hydration conditioner and then going in with the 10 minute mask again

We obviously love natural curls, but we also understand that sometimes we want to change it up, so when you do feel that pull for straight hair - follow these tips for healthier juicier curls!

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