Top 5 Curly Hair costumes for Halloween

Get your freak on curl friends, spooky szn is coming and we wanted to inspire you with some of our favourite curly-haired costumes that are not only simple but BANG on hot!


The simplest costume of all, but why not accentuate your mane and become a lion? Wear your curls with pride. You need EPIC VOLUME for this look!

Product recommendations:
You want as much texture as possible, so we recommend the following products for ultra volume in your lion-mane.


Tatter up some flanno, mess up your curls and throw in some straw, the easiest costumer you can muster up in less than 15 minutes! The makeup can be super simple too with eyeliner for the mouth!

Product recommendations:
More texture & lots of body, we recommend styling with our flex zone gel for the most lightweight finish so you can have fairy floss type curls, then back combing and brushing out some curls using our detangled.


Bad grrl Sandy is so on trend right now that our beloved Olivia has passed, and the costume is so easy, black on black with red pumps BOOM ya done!

Product Recommendations: Perfect ringlet curls are a must for this look, you want shine and you want bounce! Wet brush styling is the key!

FINE-APPLE look fiiiiiine! Yellow clothes & yellow face paint and you're SpongeBob's house! For added extra-ness you can even spray paint your hair green with hair paint, be sure to clarify straight after and we don't recommend doing this on blonde curls.

Product Recommendations: All you need to do is have lightweight curls, pop them up in a waterfall pony and bobby pin in place.

PRINCE - formerly known as?

Male, female, non gendered, this costume idea is great for anyone wanting to find their inner-prince. The Iconic has a purple suit perfect for this look!

Product Recommendations: Wet brush styling is needed again, but also a thicker gel so you get perfect ringlets.

Curls are so versatile for so many costumes, so get out there and get creepy curly...mwahahaha!

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