Should I be co-washing my hair?

Does Co-Washing work?

The Curly Girl Method came to us in MANY different forms, we all gave it a try but 9 times out of 10, the method didn’t work for us. The BIGGEST piece of advice that didn’t work for us the most was co-washing, otherwise known as using conditioner ONLY to wash your hair. Yep scalp and all!

But does it work for all of us? Simple answer is no. The technique has been rumoured to cause a lot of build-up if not properly done, it will weigh hair down, leaving it limp and losing curl, or even possibly lead to hair falling out.  

The reason we “shampoo” our hair is to get rid of any excess build up, dirt, grime. Thus leaving our scalp fresh and clean, and also our curls being more volumous and lift. Co-washing turns over the best results for women with thick and coarse hair, think 4a – 4c. If your hair is already thin and fine, co-washing will not add texture to it, it will only appear flatter and more oily.

But even for thick and coarse hair, you have to be careful! Cleaning your scalp is so very important to your hair regime. If you have thick and coarse hair and you are wanting to try co-washing we highly recommend Clarifying your hair at least every 3rd wash to make sure that any build up can be cleared and your scalp can be given a rest.

We also suggest using a scalp scrubber every 3 – 4 washes to help get rid of any excess gunk and grime. Be gentle though – look after your scalp! And if you are really into co-washing, we suggest using a more lightweight conditioner so that you are still getting a light addition to your curls.

Boss Curl Co. founder Adelle has given co-washing a red hot go, here are her thoughts…

"I found co-washing to really pull down my curls, they were limp, wouldn’t curl as well and my hair (especially my scalp) always felt like it was greasy. Any volume I did have prior, was quickly gone. I tried co-washing for a good 4 weeks, but it left me with lifeless curls that I hated, and I found my scalp got really musky smelling, I just longed to shampoo my hair….so….I did, and I never looked back. Co-washing can work for some, but I genuinely advise most people not to do it – especially if you have fine hair. AND if you are going to do it, do not forget to clarify! It’s so important to get rid of any build up and give your scalp a refresh."

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