Caring for Thick/Coarse Waves & Curls

Despite what you might have heard, coarse hair doesn’t mean that your hair is hard to manage. Coarse/Thick hair is just a way of describing hair strands that are thicker and wider than most other hair types. 

These thicker strands when managed properly can hold a curl or style well, and look healthy, thick, and strong. But the key is knowing how to care for thick strands + what products to use, so we have put together some of our top tips for thick waves & curls.

1. Use satin when sleeping
Sleeping on satin will protect your hair from tangles & damage. Satin caps & pillowcases provide a frictionless surface that will be gentler on both your hair and skin than cotton varieties. They will also help your hair to retain its natural oil and shine. Our caps & slips are perfect for this hair type!

2. Deep condition often

Thick hair needs hydration, and plenty of it! We recommend doing a treatment at least every 2 weeks to really help with the hydration levels in thick hair. Our 10 minute mask is perfect for this as it will deeply penetrate the hair shaft leaving it moisturised and healthy.

3. Detangle on dry hair

So we know dry brushing curls is not necessarily the way to style, but when you detangle before washing, it’s better to do on dry hair, as wet hair is more fragile. We recommend using The Detangler – start from the ends and work your way up.

4. Pre-poo your scalp

Scrunch out the crunch oil is so good for thicker curls, it not only helps with frizz, adds hydration & scrunches out the crunch but you can also use on your scalp, massage it through then wash immediately OR leave overnight and wash the next day.

5. Thick hair = heavy products

MOST thick curlies need creams, and thicker product to help with definition. Unlike fine hair where less is more…more is more and sometimes it’s often better to only rinse your conditioner out to 80% on wash days. So look for creams, thicker products. We have an entire list here.

Now that you know how to care for your thicker hair, it is crucial to have the right products, so check out the list here.

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