Caring for fine wavy & curly hair!

There's 3 types of hair strands, fine, medium & thick. How do we find out if we have fine strands? Just take 1 strand of hair and roll it between your fingers, if you can barely feel it, you have fine strands.

You can find our fine curls product recommendations here.

It's a delicate balance...too much product—or products that are too sticky or heavy—can weigh it down. But without the right products, the hair can lose its definition and get frizzy.

So, if you have fine hair, what can you do? Fine curly hair is one of the most challenging hair types so let's get down to the nitty gritty.


1. Avoid a long haircut

Long hair is not recommended because it can pull out the curls and make the hair look even finer. Shorter curls and plenty of layers are the way to go!

2. Clarify/cleanse often

Fine curlies should actually clarify their hair more often to prevent product buildup and plump up the hair cuticle.

3. Condition less

When it comes to conditioner, less is more. Apply to the mid & ends only, never on the roots, this will flatten your hair & make your curls drop.

4. Apply styler sparingly

Creamy stylers don't often work well for fine curls unless they're lightweight. Leave in conditioners such as our Curlfriend Spray is the perfect quencher for your fine curls. But we also recommend our Foam-O Curl Foam, Spray Gel, Just a Curl Lightweight gel & Quick Curls (sparingly). Sectioning your fine curls works best for correct distribution!

5. Diffuse & massage

A scalp massage, can improve hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Use a couple of sprays of the Scrunch Out The Crunch oil, and massage in. When washing you can also use our Scalp Scrubber to wake up the volume during your shampoo.

Now that you have the technique down, we have out together an entire category list for FINE WAVES & CURLS, you can find our fine curls product recommendations here.


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