3D curls are taking over this summer!!

A NEW WAVE of trends are here to stay, it's about being natural and embracing your curls, freckles & perfect imperfections. Over the past few years, women have embraced their texture more than ever, 3D curls are set to be the BIGGEST summer trend for 2022 + 2023.

Unlike other trending hair styles like a cut or a colour, 3D curls first and foremost is a trend about a mindset. 3D curls are all about embracing the beauty of curls & natural texture whether it's waves, curls or coils. It’s all about working with your hair, and enhancing the gorgeous, springy texture you were born with.

But, back in 1992 when curls were worn naturally, we just had no idea. If it wasn't copious amounts of mousse to give us crunchy looking wet curls, it was frizz upon frizz upon frizz.

"We created curl kits for the everyday curly, it was important that we made this an EASY feat for curls, because the Curly Girl Method is simply too hard and strict, so a Boss Curl Co kit was meant to be the opposite and give natural texture a chance to be easy to work with" says Adelle, owner of Boss Curl Co.

Boss Curl Co did the ground work, 40 years of living with curls meant Adelle knew it had to be easy. She created curl kits that are filled with our very own Boss Curl Co Australian manufactured products for all curl types. Inside these kits is also access to a tutorial on HOW to use the products using specific techniques and tips. Plus a step by step guide flyer.

"there's no such thing as a bad curl, in fact, anyone with a slight kink in their hair has the potential for bouncy, beautiful curls without too much fuss, you just need the product & technique to make it work" says founder Adelle.

Whether you have fine or thick waves, curls or coils, there is a curl kit out there to suit you. And the best part is, you will go from frizzy, flat hair to defined & more liveable. So you will WANT to leave your curls out, not tied up in a messy bun or damaged and straightened out with a hot tool.

2022 + 2023 summer is all about natural beauty, looking after our hair, and avoiding anymore heat damage. Protect your curls, and create the most amazing beauty summer look this year. SHOP HERE.

Boss Curl Co. products are:
  • Australian manufactured
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan or Vegetarian
  • Curly Girl Approved (CG Approved)
  • Free of sulphates, phthalates, drying alcohols and silicones

Adelle says "From curl creams, to foams, to gels, shampoos, treatments and accessories - Boss Curl Co. is your ONE STOP SHOP for all curl friends needs."

Boss Curl Co even has a product recommendation quiz and a curl kit quiz if you are unsure of what works for your curl type!

Watch how these mum's think embracing your curls is so important...

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