5 Washing Hair Mistakes you could be making!

Washing your hair is simple right? Well...it is...but are you doing it correctly for MAXIMUM potential? Boss Curl Co. is all about giving you the do's and dont's of hair care...but washing your hair is right at the start of GOOD hair days. So listen up curl friend!

1. Shampooing too often

As a curly, shampooing less is going to be so much better for the hydration of your curls. Simply put, natural oils from your scalp need to be able to produce, and if you're constantly stripping those away - it leads to dry, itchy and flaky scalp! It can ALSO lead to your scalp getting oilier - try to push out wash days to at least 4-5 days for better hydration in your curls.

2. Not Clarifying

Clarifying our hair means getting rid of any product build up, dirty & grime. It's so important to clarify your hair every 2-3 weeks, and follow up with our 10 minute mask. Use our CLEAN UP YOUR ACT shampoo for best results on curls.

3. Using hot water on your hair!

Ouch. Using hot water on your scalp can seriously damage it, leading to oily or dry & itchiness. We recommend using Luke warm or even cold (if you dare) for best results & good scalp care. It can also lead to your locks breaking and weakening at the root. Warm water opens the hair cuticle & the hair absorbs the oil and moisturising effects of the conditioner better. Finish by rinsing conditioner off with cold water as it will help close the cuticles and keep your hair from getting frizzy!

4. You're washing your hair upright.

Ever wondered why the top half of your hair is always frizzier and damaged? And underneath is just so much nicer, curlier, less frizzy? It could be because you're not washing your hair upside down. Direct water beading down onto the top of your head WILL cause damage to the top half of your hair. The best way to prevent this is to flip your hair and wash upside down in the shower.

5. You're shampooing & conditioning ALL your hair

Very simple, but only shampoo your roots, and only condition the mid lengths to ends of your hair. Shampooing ALL of your hair will dry out the ends of your hair. Conditioning your roots WILL weigh your curls down and make your scalp greasy.

We hope this helps you to improve your wash days + if you are looking for Aussie manufactured, cruelty free & curly girl approved shampoo's & conditioners, have a look at our range here.

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