Decoding Purple Shampoo: The "Why So Purple?" Mystery.


Picture this: you add a little bleach to your hair and suddenly your creamy blonde is now yellow. WHAT!? Let me tell you about the beauty of – purple shampoo. Get ready for a journey through hair pigments, colour tricks, and the hilarious truth behind why blonde shampoo is anything but blonde.

The "Oh-So-Colorful" Hair Pigments

Let's talk hair pigments. They're like the tiny artists behind your hair colour masterpiece. Blondes have a lesser supply of melanin (the color stuff) than our darker-haired friends. This melanin shortage makes blondes more vulnerable to turning brassy, thanks to villains like chlorine and UV rays. And that's where purple shampoo swoops in like a superhero.

Purple Shampoo: The Undercover Artist

You might wonder, why not just use regular shampoo? Well, hold onto your hairbrush because here comes colour theory to save the day. Remember the colour wheel from school? It turns out that colours opposite each other are like sworn enemies. Purple and yellow happen to be mortal enemies on this wheel. Enter purple shampoo – the cool-toned avenger to tackle those pesky yellow tones in blonde hair.

The Hocus-Pocus Behind the Scenes

How does purple shampoo work its magic? It's simple chemistry meets optical illusion. Purple shampoos pack violet pigments that coat your hair during the wash. But here's the twist: these pigments don't alter your hair color permanently. Instead, they pull off a sneaky disappearing act on the brassy yellows, leaving your hair looking effortlessly fabulous.

Dehydrated Strands - HELP!

MOST Purple Shampoo's tend to dry our our luscious blonde locks, but thankfully, the Boss Curl Co. Purple Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask are super-hydrating meaning you can use them a little more regular than others. Shop our favourites here.


Purple Power, Unleashed!

So, there you have it – the colourful scoop on purple shampoo. It's not just science; it's science with a cheeky wink. Next time you're scrub-a-dub-dubbing your blonde locks with that royal purple goodness, remember you're participating in a vibrant dance of colours, all in the name of banishing brassiness and celebrating awesome hair days. Cheers to purple shampoo – the secret weapon your blonde hair deserves!

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