Winter-Proof Your Curls: Keep 'Em Sassy and Hydrated!

Winter seems to be dragging along this year, and if you're anything like me, you're scared of the rain. I am here to tell you - it's not all bad! Even though the cold weather and rain messes up our mane a little, it's not time to give up! In fact, summer curls are made in winter & spring. I see it like're kinda hybernating like a bear? Focusing on curl health is NOW!'s the short and sweet scoop on keeping those luscious locks defined and hydrated this season:

  1. Hydration Heaven: Up your leave-in conditioner game for that extra moisture boost. Apply generously and let your curls shine! Whether that's a spray in conditioner for lightweight finer curls OR a thicker cream.

  2. Sulfate-Free Love: If you are here already, then we hope you have already made the switch. IF NOT, change your wash days to sulfate-free shampoo to protect your curls from harsh winter air. Keep those natural oils intact! Our faves are here.

  3. Plop It, Don't Rub It: After showering, gently plop your hair with a microfibre towel. Say goodbye to frizz! A plush microfibre hair towel wrap is totally the way to go!

  4. Oil to the Rescue: Seal the deal with a few drops of hair oil post-styling. Say hello to soft, defined curls. Scrunch out the crunch oil is so good, you only need a little and it goes a long way!

  5. Humidify Your Space: Add a humidifier at home to combat dry air. Your curls will thank you.

  6. Cute Up-do's: the rain and frizz is just killing your vibe - try a fun up-do. Check out our instagram for some ideas!

  7. Curl Refresh Magic: Revive your curls between washes with a curl-refreshing spray or a water-conditioner mix. See our mist bottle. Or our No Sweat Refresh Spray.

  8. No Heat, No Problem: If you haven't already - give the hot tools a big old break over this time. Embrace your natural curls and keep that moisture locked in!

So, winter warriors, there you have it! With these quick tips, your curls will slay all winter long. Embrace the cold with sass and let your curls steal the show! ❄️💁‍♀️

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